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Professional Male, Female and Child Voice Over Artists in UK

Male voice over artists

Yowcha has been using various voices on radio adverts and film trailers for over 30 years. They can adapt and choose different voices and many styles, using voiceover artists such as Andy Burton who is mainly used for his exciting, dynamic expression! Having said that, he can also perform many different styles, character voices and accents; Posh, Italian, French, American, Pirate, Sexy, Deep, Sensual, and yes, even very, very Camp!

If you need a voice advertising any type of Business, Event, Venue, Radio or TV Commercial, or Narration of any type, then Andy might just be the person for you. He has voiced adverts for many famous bands, TV trailers and Commercials all over the world including, UK, Spain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and many more!

Take a listen to his demo, you’ll see the different styles he can adapt to.

Yowcha Demo of Andy Burton


James has an upbeat, friendly voice with a style that is both approachable and honest. However, drawing on over 15 years of experience as a five time Sony Award winning radio presenter, he can produce neutral or RP reads, be authoritative, relaxed, or natural and conversational.

He can also give your project a sense of fun with a character voice if required. James has experience voicing commercials, promos, e-learning projects, corporate and website narrations and on-hold messages. And, should you require a singer on your ad, James can also do that!

James has voiced American Golf’s latest TalkSport campaign and is the voice of Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery nationwide and on TalkSport London

He is also the voice of Barney Bear at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and he has just voiced a substantial e-learning project for Shell. Among other projects, James has recorded on hold messages for international clients including Visa and Teliad, and regularly voices for the National Guild of Removers and Storers.

Yowcha Demo of James


Simon has a natural Southern accent, but is very versatile with wide range of other styles and characters. He’s been in the voice over business for many years and has voiced many adverts and jingles for Yowcha in the past.

He is upbeat, sincere and engaging for commercials, and great at friendly and authoritative corporate reads/narrations. His worldwide client base includes Kawasaki, Jaguar, Elavon, Global Radio, UTV, Real Radio, and many more.

Yowcha Demo of Simon


As well as a great voice over actor, Darren is a trained jazz musician who has a unique understanding of pitch and timing and can deliver a huge range of accents, dialects, characters and celebrity impressions, perfect for more comedic reads!

If you’re looking for a voiceover for your TV commercial, then this is a voice you might want to consider. Darren has voiced numerous national TV commercials both in the UK and worldwide, in a wide variety of styles and deliveries. From windows, credit companies, casinos, kids toys, exhibitions, holiday companies to the national 118 118 adverts, the chances are that if you watch TV, you’ve heard his voice.

Whether you require a cool read, the guy next door, the hard sell, smooth, upbeat or corporate, he prides himself on being extremely versatile. He also specialises in characters, accents and celebrity impressions. He can provide you with a wide range of voice styles to suit your marketing message and great results are always guaranteed!

Yowcha Demo of Darren


Chris is a native English voiceover artist, who has been performing to crowds since the age of seven years old. His professional career began back in 1994 when he voiced his first commercial for Powerhouse Electrical. Since then his client list has grown to Sony, BBC, Qatar Airways, Iceland, Xbox, Honda, Mitsubishi and many more.

Chris’ vocal skills range from straight sell, to upbeat and energetic, characters to corporate. There really isn’t anything Chris can’t put his talents to.

Chris has a HUGE range of voice over styles and he can adapt his voice for Animation, Gaming, Audio Books.He can be Authoritative, voice special characters, become charming, and lots more. He would be perfect for Children’s TV, Radio, Comic scripts, Documentaries, Movie Trailers, Automated Telephone Messaging, Radio Promos, TV Promos… In fact, Chris can adjust to any type of recording for radio or TV.

Yowcha Demo of Chris

British Female Voice Over Artist in the UK


Jenny’s voice is genuine, honest. Young and upbeat, conversational and quirky with a Lancashire twist.

If you need an authentic female voice over artist to give your message ‘real standout’ then consider Jenny for your next project. In the teens to mid-40’s age range, her voice is equally at home in a regional radio ad, as it is in an edgy ‘Spotify Soundbite’. She can temper her tone from fun and enthusiastic, to compassionate and understanding… And from sophisticated and stylish right around to confident and contemporary!

Her voice has been described as: engaging, young, warm, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, cheerful, relatable, confident, youth, hip, bright, clear, chatty, melodic, quirky, open, animated, believable, natural, real, upbeat, and honest.

If you need versatility, a flair for regional and international accents and character voices, Jenny can help with that too! She can read naturally in: Scottish, Irish, Geordie, Scouse, Mancunian, Brummy, Welsh, Cockney and Essex style. Internationally – standard, none regional American, New York, Texan, Californian Valley Girl, French, Australian, German, Russian and Dutch.

Jenny has voiced radio commercials for a range of clients right across the UK for Bauer and Global, narrated films for clients such as the NHS and the TUC and can count amongst others; The University of Manchester, The Co-operative Bank, Rexel Stationery, Yopa, Manchester City Council and Total Fitness as happy customers!

Yowcha Demo of Jenny


Sarah talks for a living. Not just a voice-over artist, she is a vocal actress! She talks well, and she can talk for you! She can talk about you, your product, your vision, your scope.

Sarah has been in this business for more than 20 years and does it pretty well as you can hear from our demo. She’s very experienced, versatile, engaging, reliable and professional. She can project warmth and understanding, authority and precision, elegance and professional polish to your audio requirements.

Sarah has done every type of voice-work you can imagine, from major international TV and Radio Campaigns through to Documentaries, Animations, Radio Drama, TV idents, IVR, Call-Centres, Multimedia, Web, Games, Dubbing, Corporate Narration, Public Transport, Medical Equipment, Awards Ceremonies and Road Shows.

Vocally, she could well be every woman you want!

Yowcha Demo of Sarah

Abby Female Child Voice Over Artist UK

Abby has been voicing radio adverts from a very young age. She’s managed to make people melt with her cute little voice, and you would be amazed just how many people sit-up and listen when her voice come over the radio!

She can adapt to many styles and is eager to help you in your venture!

Fluent in English and Spanish, Abby can style the recording to suit your every need!

Yowcha Child Voice Demo of Abby

Abby (demo above) is just one of our fabulous child voice overs that can transform your promotion into a memorable, exciting and certainly different listening experience. Once you hear a child’s voice on the radio or TV commercial; you automatically listen! Especially if the voice is so cute like Abby’s.

Think out of the box and consider using a child’s voice in your script, either as part of the ‘story’ or for the full script read. It will make your advert really stand out in the crowd!

Voice Over Artist Rates in the UK

The voice over rates generally depend on what you want and who you want to perform the read. Prices start as low as €35.00 or £25.00, but can go higher if you want for example; more than 1 voice, or famous music that isn’t in our library of ‘non-royalty payment’ tunes. And of course, it depends if the recording you require is a simple 30 second radio advert or a TV trailer, or an eBook for example. Prices can be negotiated to suit your needs.

For more info on pricing and for general voice over demos, here’s where to look.

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