Flashlights and Torches

Acebeam Flashlights and Torches; where can I buy them? …Right here!

Yowcha are the official UK dealers for ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches.

ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches are amongst the best torches in the world for quality; brightness; and pure power! Some of the Acebeam Flashlights have ‘beam throw’ distances of over 1.3 Kilometres; and a brightness of 60,000 lumens! That is why; these torches are truly amazing and possibly the best in the world!

Acebeam products:

Acebeam products encompass lights for all types of uniformed professionals. This includes; Military; Police; Firefighters; Lifeguards; Search and Rescue; as well as; Industrial; Security; Hunting; Diving; Cycling; Camping; Fishing; Farming; Mountaineering; Self-Defence; and many other activities and applications!

The Acebeam Team:

ACEBEAM team uses talented research; design; engineering; and marketing; their teams work together as one! Thus; they satisfy the most demanding of end-users; by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved. They also work together to use the latest technology; without sacrificing quality; durability; functionality; or value for money. Therefore; as a result; they manufacture the worlds top flashlights and torches!

All ACEBEAM Flashlight Products are tested to ANSI/NEMA FL-2009 Standards; so you are assure quality and reliability from their products.


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