Flashlights and Torches

Where can I buy Acebeam Flashlights and products? …Right here!

Yowcha are the official UK dealers for ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches.

ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches are amongst the best torches in the world for quality; brightness; and pure power! Some of the Acebeam Flashlights have ‘beam throw’ distances of over 1.3 Kilometres; and a brightness of 60,000 lumens! These torches are truly amazing!

Acebeam products:

Acebeam products encompass lights for all types of uniformed professionals including; Military; Police; Firefighters; Lifeguards; Search and Rescue; as well as; Industrial; Security; Hunting; Diving; Cycling; Camping; Fishing; Farming; Mountaineering; Self-Defence and many other activities and applications!

The Acebeam Team:

ACEBEAMS talented research; design; engineering; and marketing teams work together as one team! They satisfy the most demanding end-users by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved; working together to use the latest technology; without sacrificing quality; durability; functionality; or value for money!

All ACEBEAM Flashlight Products are tested to ANSI/NEMA FL-2009 Standards

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