XDrum Classic Drum Bag Set


  • 5 piece set for drum shells
  • For shell sizes: 22″x18″, 16″x16″, 13″x11″, 12″x10″ und 14,5″x6,5″
  • high-quality tear-resistant and water-resistant outer face fabric
  • generous interior padding
  • robust, smooth zippers, sturdy carrying handles

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XDrum Classic Drum Bag Set, Standard sizes: 22″, 16″, 13″, 12″ and 14.5″

Reliable protection and ease of transport for your drums!

The XDrum Classic Drum Bag Set Fusion in sizes preserves your shell set when transporting to the next gig on reliably. Now you need not worry about scratches, 
make dents, or bent parts of your boilers. The XDrum drums bags set is a thoughtful companion which ensures safe and reliable transportation even under tough touring conditions.

The 5 pockets are designed for the transport of Bass Drum, Floor Tom, 2 rack toms and snare drum. By the zippers, the boiler can be quickly, easily and 
comfortably stow. By mounted handles each bag can securely grip and thus convey pleasant. Of course, the bags are also in 
suitable non-use of your drums for orderly storage of your drum boilers.

The 5-piece set is made of tear- and water-resistant textile material and printed with a white XDrum Logo.

Whether a beginner or an advanced drummer: the XDrum bag set will facilitate your stage, trial or studio work a lot and enrich.

  • 5 piece set of percussion Shellset
  • For boiler sizes: 22 “x18”, 16 “x16”, 13 “x11”, 12 “x10” and 14,5 “x6,5”
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant outer face fabric made of synthetic fibers
  • generous interior padding
  • Robust, smooth-running zippers
  • sturdy carrying handles
  • 5-piece Drum Set Bags

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