Sustain Pedal by Chord Designed For Use As a Sustain Pedal For Keyboards and Digital Pianos. Dual Polarity Switch. Delivery To Anywhere In UK


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The Chord Sustain Pedal

Momentary action pedal switch designed for use as a sustain pedal for keyboards and digital pianos. The “dual polarity” changeover switch makes this pedal operate as normally open or normally closed to suit different keyboards. The 1.5m cable is fitted with a 6.3mm standard jack plug.

  • Piano design pedal
  • Works with all keyboards with sustain switch input
  • Switchable polarity

For beginners; What does Sustain Pedals Do?

When using a keyboard or digital piano; when a finger is taken away from a key, a “damper” pad stops the note from ringing out. The sustain pedal removes the dampers from the strings (for example); allowing notes to ring out for longer, even when the keys are not held down anymore. That’s why it is also called the “damper” pedal. All notes played will continue to sound until the vibration naturally ceases; or until the pedal is released.

This lets the pianist sustain notes which would otherwise be out of reach; for instance in accompanying chords; and accomplish legato passages (smoothly connected notes) which would have no possible fingering otherwise. Depressing the sustain pedal also causes all the strings to vibrate sympathetically with whichever notes are being played; which greatly enriches the piano’s tone.

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