**SOLD** Mackie Studio Monitors; Mackie HR624 Mk1 Active Studio Monitors 140w per channel; Built-in Amp Quality Sound For Home Or Studio!


  • Mackie Studio Monitors
  • 140 watts RMS per channel
  • Fantastic Sound Reproduction


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Sorry SOLD!  Mackie Studio Monitors; The Mackie HR624 Mk1 Active Studio Monitors

Mackie Studio Speakers for sale. Pre-Owned with box. Lightly used Mackie HR624 THX studio monitors. These great sounding speakers are the MK1 which were still housed in wood instead of the plastic that the current models use. There are a few normal & minor cosmetic marks; but they are generally in great condition, both inside and out! I think this monitor is still relevant as it’s still available on the used market; and I have to say; it’s the best Mackie I’ve heard!

I should qualify that by saying I’ve heard and used the HR824 Mk1, HR624 MK1 and MK2 and the MR5 MK2. I now use other monitors along side these in the studio but I’ve never been able to sell them on as they still serve a purpose; they sound amazing clear and put into context; (in my view) the perfect sound for studio monitors and, or, home hi-fi speakers – They may be small; but they sure do kick-out!

Mackie HR624 MK1;

The MK1 sound great and are still one of my favourite listening speakers. They are cinematic in sound, very 3d and always impress when turned up loud. Unlike the 824 models the bass is not overblown and is rich and deep in small rooms. It excels on electronic sound sources. 808’s and 909’s sound like they should on these speakers. In other words they sound like they do on a good club sound system. The sub that they put out may be a lie but I don’t care, I like it and find it very useful.

They also display the mid range frequencies in a useful (if not entirely accurate) way. It seems the upper mid range are lifted which gives them a ‘loud’ character when compared to other monitors. This can be useful when mixing at low volumes but also a little painful when blasting; but you can always adjust these frequencies using your mixing desk or graphic equaliser. The high end is really nice; certainly clear and crispy!

My Conclusion of the Mackie Studio Monitors;

My favourites! Many people dismiss the HR624 as ‘hi-fi’ and I suppose they are; in that they do impose a ‘character’ on what ever is played through them. Things sound slightly more polished on them as though they’ve had an extra treatment. But this for me is why I find them useful. If they are ‘hi-fi’ then it’s a very good hi-fi; and produces a useful; real-world cinematic view on your work (like a radio edit). It allows me to hear that perhaps a track is closer to being finished than I thought it was; and always gives me something else to fix in the mid range that wasn’t picked up on before. On some more neutral speakers even finished mastered tracks don’t sound quite finished. These are better!

So;  a worthy and useful addition to the family that YOU CAN BUY HERE at Yowcha – First come; first served; these Mackie Monitor Speakers will not be here in-store for long!

Below are the manufactures details & specs on these tried & true set of monitors:

HR624 Specifications;

Frequency Response; 52 Hz-20 kHz (±1.5 dB)
High-Frequency Equalization; ±2 dB shelving @ 10 kHz
Low-Frequency Equalization; 80 Hz/49 Hz second-order Butterworth, switchable
Acoustic Space; EQ 3-position switch: -4 dB or -2 dB @ 400 Hz (and below) or flat
Peak Output; 112 dB @ 1m
Residual Noise; < 8 dB @ 1m

Power Rating; (@ 1 kHz with 1% THD) 40W (HF amplifier); 100W (LF amplifier)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio; > 93 dB unweighted (HF); > 101 dB unweighted (LF)
Input Impedance 20 kž balanced; 10 kž unbalanced
Total Harmonic Distortion; < 0.035%
Power Consumption; 12W standby; 20W idle; 105W loud program

High-Frequency Driver; 1″ aluminum dome
Low-Frequency Driver; 6.7″ mineral-filled polypropylene cone
Input Connectors; XLR; ¼” TRS; RCA

Crossover Slope; 24 dB/octave @ 3 kHz, active

Material 0.625″ MDF with 1.000″ MDF front panel
Dimensions 8.25″ (W) × 13.00″ (H) × 12.50″ (D)
Weight 25 lb.

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Additional information

Weight11.4 kg
Dimensions317 × 209 × 330 mm

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