Soundbrenner Pulse; Smart, Wearable & Vibrating Metronome! Ideal for any musician. Mobile Metronome


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Soundbrenner Pulse; Smart, Wearable & Vibrating Metronome – Play better anytime, anywhere!

The Soundbrenner Pulse; Smart; Wearable & Vibrating Metronome; MADE BY MUSICIANS; FOR MUSICIANS.

Find out why 80,000 musicians are using this device!


Why use a metronome?

“Most music teachers consider the metronome indispensable; and most professional musicians, in fact; continue to practice with a metronome throughout their careers.” Source; The NPR Classical Companion (2005).

Ask any musician; and they’d tell you that maintaining solid timing can make the difference between a great musician and an excellent musician. Because of the perfectly steady beat a metronome produces; it is recognised as an excellent practice tool for keeping tempo. It’s most commonly used to develop rhythmic precision, maintain consistent tempo; and to practice new techniques by progressively speeding up.


From traditional mechanical metronomes to the current array of tempo apps available; there is no doubt that this tenacious timepiece is a must-have in every musician’s tool kit. But that doesn’t mean it’s particularly pleasant to practice with a metronome.

Mechanical metronomes are not portable, eventually, wind down; and deliver an audible click that many find disruptive to their playing. Metronome apps are handy, but have the same limitations of an audible click; and click tracks are reported to be annoying to some musicians. Some even argue that the dependency on an external trigger like an audible click or a flashing light does not really help to develop an inner sense of rhythm.

The future of metronomes, The Soundbrenner Pulse;

Enter the Soundbrenner Pulse; a one-of-its-kind in the world of metronomes. Founded in 2014; this Berlin and Hong Kong based company has sold over 80,000 units of the Soundbrenner Pulse to date. Soundbrenner is also the maker of the most popular metronome app in the Google Play and App Store. The Metronome by Soundbrenner; has over half a million downloads!

Soundbrenner has become a huge sensation amongst musicians online; its products well recognised and endorsed by musicians all over the world.

So; what is the Soundbrenner Pulse; and what makes it so different anyway? First and foremost; unlike typical metronomes which deliver an audible click; the Pulse is a silent and wearable vibrating metronome. Instead of clicks; it conveys haptic feedback 7x stronger than the average smartphone. Thus; giving the user a powerful and distinct feel of each beat.

A visual cue is also delivered through the flashing LED ring on the outer wheel of the device; allowing you to both see and feel the beat. With the elimination of audible clicks; musicians have reported that using a metronome in their practice has become a less intrusive experience. Additionally; by feeling the beat; users can train themselves to initialise their sense of rhythm.

Soundbrennen Pulse Design;

Designed to be conveniently wearable, light and portable, the Pulse can be easily integrated into any musician’s lifestyle whether practising at home or on tour. Users can quickly tap their desired tempo directly on the device, or pair it with the free companion app, to input BPM, subdivision, accents and more customisation.

So; bands can also benefit from the multiplayer synchronisation feature; which synchronises the vibrations of up to 5 Pulses; so that the entire band can all stay on the beat.

John JR Robinson Soundbrenner Pulse

“I cannot imagine a better tool to learn the basics of rhythm as a beginner; or to master rhythm as a serious musician.” – John JR Robinson, the most recorded drummer in history. Source: The NPR Classical Companion (2015).

About Soundbrenner;

Soundbrenner’s mission is to solve the universal problems faced by musicians; by applying design; technology and human ingenuity. We combine hardware and software into integrated solutions that offer a beautiful user experience. Solutions that are not gadgets or toys; but music tools designed for all musicians who are serious about improving.



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