Songbird FX Wagtail Trem USB Rechargeable Optical Tremolo Guitar Pedal


  • rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • fully charged less than 2 hours

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Songbird FX Wagtail Trem USB Rechargeable Optical Tremolo Guitar Pedal


Songbird FX Wagtail Trem USB Rechargeable Optical Tremolo Guitar Pedal.

The Wagtail Trem is a Vactrol-based tremolo effects pedal for electric guitar. It recreates the legendary amp-style tremolo sound of the sixties. It can be heard in songs like CCR’s ‘Born On The Bayou’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones to name two. The highest build quality and an innovative charging circuit make the Wagtail Trem the perfect choice for professional and semi-professional musicians; as well as demanding hobby guitarists.

The pedal simply blew my mind. It behaves just like those old Super Reverb amps! The knobs react very sensitively. This vibrato is perfect for sound-surfing and it doesn’t overlay the output sound. Instead, it is perfectly placed underneath the sound. Absolute hit and recommendation!

– “Sir” Oliver Mally


No More Replacing Batteries!

The Wagtail Trem is rechargeable via USB; so you will never have to replace batteries again. Just plug it into your USB wall charger or your computer! In less than two hours it will be fully charged. The battery lasts more than 60 hours of playing time. The charging circuit is designed to prolong the battery lifetime. And; it also ensures safe operation. It includes temperature monitoring, under-voltage and short-circuit protection. And also CC-, CV- and Trickle-mode charging!

Vintage Sound – Noiseless
The analogue circuit is a recreation of the famous optical tremolo that Fender built into their Blackface and Silverface amps in the 1960s. Furthermore the circuit has been optimised for the lowest noise and distortion.

Never Run Out Of Battery!
Thanks to the new charge status indication; you will never run out of battery: If the ON LED turns from green to red you will have at least five hours of remaining playing time.

Fully Compatible With Pedal boards
Thanks to the included adaptor cable you can also charge the Wagtail Trem with a standard 9V DC power supply (Boss ‘negative’ polarity).

Know Your Speed!
The ON LED also works as a speed indication.

No Mains Hum!
Battery powered operation prevents mains hum and other electrical noise from coupling into your sound.

Adjustable Volume Level
The volume level of the Wagtail Trem is adjustable with an internal trimpot.

True Bypass, True On/Off
The Wagtail Trem comes with true bypass and true on/off wiring to make sure your tone is not affected and your battery is not drained when the pedal is turned off.

Made In Austria – Developed and assembled in Austria.

Scope Of Supply:

1 x Wagtail Trem, 1 x micro USB charging cable, 1 x 9V DC jack to micro USB adaptor cable, 1 x instruction manual

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