FIRE! FIRE! FIRE in the Hold! ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishing Spray 500ml. Extinguish Fires Quickly!



  • Quickly liquidate wood, paper, inflammable fluids, oil, car, rubber and plastic fires.
  • Small but powerful firefighting spray
  • Simple to use
  • Eco-friendly

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ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishing Spray 500ml

The ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishing Spray 500ml is a small; but powerful fire extinguishing spray. It is suitable for all types of household fires; it’s easy to use for all the family. Simply remove the cap; point and spray. Extinguish any type of household fire; in less than 15 seconds; also electric equipment up to 1000V. Made from non-toxic materials; the ReinoldMax formula is eco-friendly; and safe to spray on clothing and skin. The foam will not leave stains after spraying; or damage sensitive electronic parts. Easily wipe the white foam away with a damp cloth. Be sure to keep the spray in a vertical position at all times.

This is an effective fire extinguishing spray; that every household should have! You can use this product for; Kitchen fire, Electric fires, Camping fires, Office fires, Garage fires, Car fires; in fact ANY type of fire!


  • The spray quickly extinguishes wood, paper, inflammable fluids, oil, car, rubber and plastic fires.
  • The tin is small; but has a powerful fire-fighting spray
  • It is simple to use
  • It’s Eco-friendly
  • This is a unique product!

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