Pronomic iPad Holder


  • Strong iPad holder, suitable for all iPads (except minis)
  • Mounting plate: approximately 13.8 cm x 18.2 cm (minimum), 26 cm x 18.2 cm (maximum)
  • Can be tilted – 180°, holding arm for fastening
  • Length of holding arm: 14cm, can be mounted to pipe diameters up to 35 mm, available dock connector and headphone jack
  • Material: plastic, weight: 370 g

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Pronomic iPad Holder

With the Pronomic IPAH-2 iPad mount, you can use your iPad in any stage or studio situation. 

Whether for reading music in the orchestra, keeping the lyrics nearby in the studio or managing live effects on stage, the Pronomic iPad Holder offers a variety of apps that support the musician’s life. It is easy to mount your iPad easily and safely with the Pronomic iPad Holder. Just loosen the mounting screw. Insert your tablet. Tighten in place! The pad can be comfortable tilted 180° in either direction. so it is not hard to find a prime viewing angle. With the mounting bracket and supportive mounting arm, you have maximum flexibility in any situation.

You can order here online. But why not drop into our store at 19 Freeman Street, Grimsby and collect one for yourself? Or if you have any questions, simply call us here.

Please note that the iPad, the stand and the microphone are not included! The Pronomic IPAH-2 is also not suitable for the iPad Air!

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