Ibiza MHBEAM60-FX Dual 2-in-1 Moving Head LED Lighting Effect -Amazing Disco Light! Demo In-Store


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Ibiza Light MHBEAM60-FX Dual 2-in-1 Moving Head LED Lighting Effect

The Ibiza Light MHBEAM60-FX Dual 2-in-1 Moving Head LED Lighting Effect is a dual moving head that fills the room with particularly colourful effects generated by 2 x 12 RGB SMD5050 LED’s creating the Wash effect, and 2 powerful 30 watt 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs; which generates the Beam effect. Therefore, it is extremely dynamic with infinite pan rotation. The MHBEAM60-FX provides you with a wash effect alongside a beam effect. Both effects work in perfect harmony to deliver super-vibrant colours that will fill your venue and amaze your audience. This lighting effect is perfect for mobile DJs, house parties, event productions, club and bar venues, and theatres.


Ibiza Light MHBEAM60-FX

The MHBEAM60-FX comes equipped with 24 x 3-in-1 RGB SMD5050 LED’s that work to create the wash effect. As well this; it also has 2 x 30w 4-in-1 RGBW LED’s. It therefore generates the beam effect. The highly dynamic dual heads come with infinite panning with a 185-degree tilt. This ensures all areas of your venue will get washed in vivid colour. Both the wash and beam effects can be controlled independently. So, you can generate a variety of colour combinations and vibrant effects. A dimmer means you can control the brightness of the light anywhere between 0-100% and a strobe gives you the ability to flash the lights at various speeds.

This lighting effect comes with a range of operating modes that let you use the light in various ways. Automatic mode allows you to leave the light to run through pre-programmed light shows and the Sound-to-light mode uses an integrated microphone to detect sound. Thus, it will then make the light dance along to your music giving you a perfectly synchronised light show. As well as this, the Master/slave mode allows you to link multiple MH Beam 60 lights together; the slave lights will then perfectly synchronise to the master light creating the same effects. DMX mode comes equipped with 16 or 22 DMX channels lets you generate your own light shows when used with a DMX controller. An LCD display with menu buttons lets you control the effects directly from the light itself.

Ibiza Light MHBEAM60-FX 2-in-1 Moving Head LED Lighting Effect Key Features:

16 or 22 DMX channels
Operating modes: Auto, sound, DMX or Master/slave
Individually controlled wash & beam effects
The wash effect is generated by 2 rings featuring 12 x 3-in-1 SMD5050 LED’s
The beam effect generated by 2 x 30-watt 4-in-1 RGBW LED’s
It also has 2 rotating heads with infinite pan and 185° tilt
Plus, it has a strobe function
As well as a Dimmer
Also, a LED display
And an 8° beam angle

Ibiza Light MHBEAM60-FX 2-in-1 Moving Head LED Lighting Effect: Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Consumption: 80W
Dimensions: 270 x 170 x 310mm
Weight: 3.59kg

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