Halloween Decorations Bone Chillers AtmosFEARfx Fright Night!


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Halloween Decorations AtmosFX Bone Chillers AtmosFEARfx

AtmosFX Digital Decoration. Hollusions Halloween MADNESS at YOWCHA. AtmosFX Bone Chillers AtmosFEARfx. Here is another great ‘Fright’ theme to play at Halloween or any event to add some atmosphere to your party! Bone Chillers is frightening and also humourous (pardon the pun) in places and very entertaining!

Prepare for a chilling fright as skeletons rise from their graves to haunt the living and startle the unsuspecting with spine-tingling scares. Enjoy a bone-rattling good time with an ensemble of family-friendly skeletons that dance, play music and perform silly slapstick vignettes that will leave you in stitches.

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Most projectors now come with built-in SD Card slots. This eliminates the need to buy expensive DVD players (as well as a projector) to play these fantastic themes onto walls. Also project onto windows and other places! With a DVD, you would need BOTH (projector & DVD) to use to it’s full potential. This is why most of our themes are only available on SD Card format. It’s easier, and eliminates extra spending on a DVD player.

Please note: AtmosFX Digital Decorations require different items to use effectively.

You can use them via a TV or Monitor.  But the TV or Monitor requires input from either a DVD player (to play the DVD versions) or a SD Card slot to play the SD Card versions of AtmosFX Digital Decorations.

You can also project the special FX onto walls, floors, ceilings or in your windows; (using tightly-stretched net curtains and a projector) so that people outside can see the projections; (even though your projector is placed inside your house pointing into the windows).

For the DVD only AtmosFX: (Creepy Crawlies, Zombie Invasion and Santa’s Visit) you will need the following:

  1. A projector with built-in DVD player
  2. Or.. A DVD player AND a projector – The DVD player would be connected into the projector and then the projector can show the contents of the DVD onto walls, Windows, Floors etc.

At the moment Yowcha does not provide DVD players or Projectors to play these FX. We are currently searching for a good supplier of quality DVD Players and Good quality ‘SD-Card-Ready’ Projectors to sell with our products – Watch this space!

Window Materials

We advise to use tight-weaved net curtains and hang them without folds against your windows when projecting these images. When viewed from outside your home; it will give the effect that the hollusion is present inside your house! You can also project onto outside walls. Also, by hanging net curtains outside between two posts for example, you can give the illusion that the moving images are actually in your garden moving around in fresh-air! Use your imagination to find different ways of showing these fabulous Hollusions in many different places.

After experimenting at our Yowcha store in Grimsby we also found that very low-cost, thin shower curtains really gives a sharp image on BOTH sides of the curtain, so this is also a good material to use.

For other great AtmosFX themes, see here: Hollusions

Any questions? Email us at info@yowcha.co.uk or Contact us here Why not visit our Facebook Page and like us? You can chat with us through Facebook on a daily basis, might be a quicker way to get answers to any questions!

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot accept returns or give refunds for DVDs, CDs, SD Cards and Digital Downloads due to copyright laws.

Have a great Halloween and Fright Night Party with AtmosFX Bone Chillers AtmosFEARfx

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