Amp And Mixer All In One; DM-Series Mixer-Amp With USB/FM & Bluetooth. Adastra DM40 Mixer-Amp for Sale at Yowcha In Grimsby, UK


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integral USB player and FM tuner
  • 100V line or 4-16 Ohms operation

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Amp And Mixer All In One; DM-Series Mixer-Amp with USB/FM and Bluetooth; the Adastra DM40 Digital Amplifier-Mixer.

This amp and mixer all in one has 100V line or; doubles-up as an impedance mixer-amp with digital amplifier in a compact housing is fantastic value with a fantastic sound! Its onboard audio player accepts USB media for digital audio; or can be tuned to FM radio stations.

In Bluetooth mode; a smart phone; tablet or Laptop may be paired with the DM25 for wireless audio playback. Mono output to either 100V line or 4-16 ohms speaker load is connected via spring terminals on the rear panel. The amp and mixer all-in-one solution for small sound installations.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integral USB player and FM tuner
  • 100V line or 4-16 Ohms Speakers
  • Built-in USB/FM media player

Class D Amplification;

Thanks to digital technology; yet another more efficient circuit architecture has become available. This is called Class D and can be considered as being similar to a SMPS in reverse. Instead of converting mains A.C. to D.C. voltage; the Class D circuit converts the D.C. power into a high power A.C. audio output.

The audio input is converted into a digital format; and is processed to control the switching of the D.C. power supply in very rapid pulses. A longer “on” pulse will result in a higher output voltage; and a shorter “on” pulse will result in a lower output voltage. The stream of pulses is then filtered to remove the high switching frequency, resulting in a smooth amplified output; without the need for big and heavy transformers!

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