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Active Sub Bass Speaker. Active Bass Speakers by Citronic. So, here we have the CASA Active Sub Cabinets Range

Active Sub Bass Speaker; the CASA range by Citronic; are lightweight yet powerful active subwoofer units with inbuilt class D amplifiers. Each cabinet is constructed from 15mm MDF; with integral side handles for easy portability; plus a 35mm socket to accommodate a mounting pole.

The high flex sub driver is front-loaded with a protective steel grille to deliver powerful transients. Thus adding warmth to any sound system. The class D amplifier section has left and right stereo line inputs; plus left and right outputs. This is to allow use either as a mono sub with stereo tops; or a matching sub for each top speaker.

The line inputs have a parallel Link output to pass the signal onto further active speakers or amplifier and a pair of line outputs. Also; there is also a switchable high pass filter to connect to active top cabinets.

A ‘phase Control switch’ is included on the rear of each unit. This is to help avoid ‘sound cancellation’ and time-align multiple speaker setups.

What is Phase control?

Phase control works by changing or controlling the relative phase of the subwoofer with respect to the woofers in other speakers.

So; this may or may not help to minimise unwanted destructive acoustic interference. Also; this interference can occur in the frequency region covered by both the subwoofer and the main full-range speakers. It may not help at all frequencies; and it could create further problems with frequency response. But even so; it is generally provided as an adjustment for subwoofer amplifiers. Phase control circuits may be a simple polarity reversal switch; or a more complex continuously variable circuit.

Continuously variable phase control circuits are common in subwoofer amplifiers. And this is usually be found in crossovers and as do-it-yourself electronics projects. Phase controls will allow the listener to change the arrival time of the subwoofer sound waves; relative to the same frequencies from the main speakers: (i.e., at and around the crossover point to the subwoofer).

A similar effect can be achieved with the delay control on many home theater receivers. The subwoofer phase control found on many subwoofer amplifiers is actually a polarity inversion switch. The switch allows users to reverse the polarity of the subwoofer relative to the audio signal it is being given. This type of control allows the subwoofer to either be ‘in phase’ with the source signal; or 180 degrees ‘out of phase’.

The subwoofer phase can still be changed by moving the subwoofer closer to or further from the listening position; however this may not be always practical.


Designed as a perfect match for the CASA series Full  Range Active speakers and equally at home with other active full range cabinets.

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