Acebeam X70 LED Searchlight 60000 lumens. World’s most powerful Flashlight 2018 BUY NOW! 1km Beam Throw!


  • Estimated on-slae date: Beginning of Oct 2018
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Acebeam X70 LED Searchlight 60000 lumens – Buy NOW! Next batch manufactured in DEC to order.

The Acebeam X70 LED Searchlight 60000 lumens; THE ultimate powerful LED searchlight; illuminates your world with 12 x XHP70.2 LEDs and 1 x XHP35 HI LED.

At the early part of 2018, ACEBEAM Technicians were building the new X70; with a maximum brightness of 40,000 lumens. But since then; new technology has emerged and they have now increased that original output to a MASSIVE 60,000 LUMENS!


So now the ACEBEAM X70 can produce an extraordinarily high output up to 60,000 lumens; with an impressive beam distance as far as 1,130 metres (over 1km) to eradicate darkness! All this is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery pack (8 x 18650mAh batteries). Because of the sheer power of this searchlight, it has to incorporate a built-in air fan cooling system; which helps with heat dispersion automatically.

The side switch button gives you the ability of cycling from all modes very easily. The ACEBEAM X70 meets the requirements for outdoor searching; farming; rescuing; camping; self-defence and any other great outdoors events or activities you feel would take advantage of the incredible throw this torch has!

WARNING: Please be aware that if you buy this product from China or other countries outside the EU; you will have extra customs and Tax charges to pay when they deliver to your door! Don’t be fooled by lower, international prices!

Buy from Yowcha; EVERYTHING is included; NO extra Custom Charge; NO extra Tax and NO extra VAT Charges!

Product Information:

  • 12 x CREE® XHP70.2 & 1 x CREE® XHP35 High Intensity
  • 60,000 lumens
  • 8 x 18650mAh Batteries (Sony VTC6)
  • Acebeam Mains Charger
  • 5-year limited warranty
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