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AtmosFX Digital Decorations Transform your event with the latest in Halloween & Christmas Digital Decorations with AtmosFEARfx and AtmosCHEERfx SD’s now in stock. And, for the very latest AtmosFX Digital Decorations; you can view and download therm all from here: 


Halloween! Christmas! Theme Events! Birthday Parties! Dramatically change how you decorate your homes or venues for holidays, parties and other celebrations. Through the use of beautifully animated characters, stories and atmospherics, with AtmosFX; AtmosFearFX; and AtmosCheerFX

Digital Decorations are an ingenious and an easy way to decorate anywhere and at any time of year. Endlessly versatile and entertaining; AtmosFX offers a variety of innovative, amusement park quality decorations. They can be viewed on any TV or monitor and projected on surfaces such as windows and walls; even thin air!

How to use Digital Decorations

AtmosFX; AtmosFearFX and AtmosFearFX Digital Decorations require different items to use effectively.

You can use them via a TV or Monitor, but the TV or Monitor requires input from either a DVD player (to play the DVD versions) or a SD Card slot to play the SD Card versions of AtmosFX Digital Decorations.

You can also project the special FX onto walls, floors, ceilings or in your windows (using tightly-stretched net curtains and a projector) so that people outside can see the projections; even though your projector is placed inside your house; pointing into the windows.

Other ways to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations:

For the DVD only AtmosFX; such as Creepy Crawlies, Zombie Invasion and Santa’s Visit; you will need the following…

  1. A projector with built-in DVD player.
  2. Or.. A DVD player AND a projector – The DVD player would be connected into the projector. Then the projector can show the contents of the DVD onto walls, Windows, Floors etc.
  3. Alternatively; you can use a DVD player to show the images on your TV screen.

If you are trying to step up you decoration game this Halloween or this Christmas, but don’t want to spend hours to stringing up fake cobwebs or set up millions of fairy lights out in the cold? The AtmosFX digital decoration will be perfect for you.

More tips on how to use AtmosFX Digital FX;

For Halloween:

It includes everything you need to set up a spooky scene in your home while eliminating the mess and a lot of the work of conventional decorations. These are the best Halloween window displays to make ghostly apparitions a reality!

For Christmas:

What would be cooler than putting a holographic Santa in your yard? That’s the kind of high-tech you could be using for your Christmas decorations. You can literally have Santa’s workshop in action in your living room, cheering up yours and your children spirit!

AtmosFX Digital Decoration is everything you need to create stunningly original displays for Halloween, Christmas, and celebrations year round.

If you want to create scenes a little more advanced and work in some transparency to your display, we also provide premium window film. It’s really easy to use:  apply it to a large window, and it gives just the right amount of opacity for your projections to show up without shining straight through. This can create a great effect, making it appear as if the ghouls are lurking inside your house, which just might give your house a haunted reputation!

Tips Video number 4!

DVD Players and Video Projectors

At the moment Yowcha does not provide DVD players or Projectors to play these FX. We are currently searching for a good supplier of quality DVD Players and Good quality ‘SD-Card-Ready’ Projectors to sell with our products. Watch this space!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept returns or give refunds for DVDs, CDs, SD Cards and Digital Downloads due to copyright laws.

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