Vapcell Products

Vapcell Products;

Vapcell products. The Vapcell Group established in 2013; and mainly engaged in the research and development; production and sales of premium lithium ion batteries and chargers for E-cigarettes; flashlights; power tools; battery packs and more!

All of our VAPCELL BATTERIES are labelled with CDR (continuous discharge current) parameters on our battery wraps.  All continuous discharge current batteries can last a long time; and the high pulse current can only last only few seconds.

Exaggerated Current Ratings;

Exaggerated current ratings gives no true indication of how long it can run; or how much capacity it can discharge and there is no industrial standard. False ratings can easily lead to shorter battery life; or even explosion; threatening human safety. This is why Vapcell make only truly accurate ratings on all our products; making our batteries amongst the best and safest in the world.

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