Acebeam Products

Acebeam Products! Yowcha are the official UK dealers for ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches.

Acebeam Flashlights and Torches; where can I buy them? …Right here IN THE UK!

ACEBEAM Flashlights and Torches; are among the best torches in the world for quality; brightness; and pure power! Some of the Acebeam Flashlights have ‘beam throw’ distances of over 2.5 Kilometres; and a brightness of 60,000 lumens!

This is why Acebeam Searchlights; Flashlights; and LEP Torches are truly amazing; and possibly the best in the world; for both build quality and power!

Acebeam products:

Acebeam products encompass lights for the Emergency Services like the Police; fire department; ambulance services, Search and Rescue; and other safety personnel; equipment reliability is key!

The list who require this type of quality and reliability; as well as the brightest and longest-throw searchlights are endless, and include; Military; Lifeguards; Cavers; Divers. Also; Industrial; Security; Hunting; Cycling; Camping; Fishing; Farming; Mountaineering; Self-Defense; and many other activities and applications!

Acebeam Searchlights:

Some of Acebeam’s Flashlights and Torches fall into the category of ‘Searchlights’.

Searchlights all have two key characteristics. Firstly; a very high lumen output. And; secondly; a large-diameter reflector or TIR lens that creates a narrow beam; for Acebeam maximum reach. Designed for search and rescue; military and law enforcement applications. ACEBEAM ARC lights are Acebeam’s most powerful handheld searchlights.

Some amazing Acebeam Models;

Our Acebeam flashlight and torches that fall into the searchlight category are: The amazing K75; the X70; the X80; the X80-GT; the K65; the K30. Also; the X45. Plus; the X65; and the X65 Mini; not forgetting; the T27.

All ACEBEAM Searchlight, Flashlight and Torch Products; are tested to ANSI/NEMA FL-2009 Standards. So; you are assured quality and reliability from their products.

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