Pronomic Mic screen MP-60 Portable Diffuser


  • Portable sound absorber and diffuser, ideal for studio or podcast
  • Prevents unwanted sound reflections or echoes
  • Suitable for almost any standard microphone stand
  • Absorber diameter: 46 cm, absorber height: 31 cm
  • Height adjustable, Weight: 2 kg
  • 3 years warranty

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Pronomic Mic screen MP-60 Portable Diffuser for Microphone Recordings

Never again unwanted noise or reverb on your recordings!

The Pronomic MP-60 MICSCREEN is a portable absorber and diffuser for microphone recordings. It is mounted behind the microphone, thus reducing the transmission of unwanted noise such as reflected hall.

The diffuser is simply attached to a conventional microphone stand. The internal thread of the fastening screw is 5/8″.  If your microphone stand thread is 3/8″, you will need a matching thread adapter.

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