Ibiza Light Scan 500 RGB 500mW Animation Laser. Patterns, tunnels, spirals, and shapes.


Ideal for DJs, Pubs, Clubs and any Venue or home use!

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Ibiza Light Scan 500 RGB 500mW Animation Laser

The Ibiza Light Scan 500 RGB 500mW Animation Laser is a highly-powerful animation laser. It is fitted with three laser diodes and can be controlled via DMX with 5 or 34 DMX channels. Therefore, this lighting effect comes with a broad range of amazing effects and patterns such as tunnels, ceilings, spirals, and shapes.


Amazing fully programmable RGB colour Laser:

The Ibiza Light SCAN500RGB is a DMX laser lighting effect which produces Red, Green and Blue scanning beams and animations. It has a superb laser effect that can run Sound Active or in Auto mode to create superb laser shows.


It has 5 or 34 DMX channels available.
Uses high speed scanners at 25kpps
The modes are DMX, Auto, master-slave, sound or remote controlled operation
There are numerous amazing effects such as tunnels, ceilings, etc.
Supplied with safety key & remote control
Laser class 3B
Power supply AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Consumption 30W
Laser diode Red: 200mW 638nm + Green: 100mW 532nm + Blue: 200mW-445nm
Operating Temperature 10℃~40℃
Dimensions 246 x 211 x 105mm
Weight 3.5kg
2 Year Warranty

More information;

The Scan 500 RGB can be left to run through pre-programmed light shows. Alternatively, it features a range of different operational modes including DMX mode with 5 or 34 channels available. Also; the Master/slave mode allows you to link multiple units together for synchronised light shows; as well as remote-controlled operation or sound-activated mode: This makes the light dance to your music thanks to an integrated microphone. For your convenience this lighting effect features numerous effects and patterns that give you the perfect party atmosphere with vivid colours and effects.

It is equipped with three laser diodes that include: a 200mW red diode that produces a 638nm red laser; a 100mW green diode that creates a 532nm green laser and a 200mW blue diode that generates a 445nm blue laser. This laser is a Class 3B laser and makes use of high-speed 25kpps scanners and is supplied with a safety key as well as a remote control for wireless control of the light. The Scan 500 RGB is ideal for mobile entertainers; theatres; club and bar venues; live events and stages.

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