EQUINOX 400W UV Cannon with Lamp included


– 400W super high output blacklight
– UV lamp IS included
– Supplied with hanging bracket

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Equinox 400w UV Cannon with Lamp included

This powerful Equinox 400W UV cannon lamp will fill a variety of venues; with an outstanding UV glow. The unit has been specially designed to house a 400W blacklight lamp (INCLUDED) and also features a protective front grille and hanging bracket. This high output fixture will transform any event, club, bowling alley or stage by creating a wide spread of atmospheric UV light.

Give your night club and dance floors a blast of UV light, this huge and powerful UV Cannon is an ideal device to use for DJ parties, night clubs and more. Specially developed for 400w high pressure UV (blacklight) lamps the UV Cannon includes an adjustable mounting bracket which allows you to attach it to the ceiling.

Some facts about UV light:

“Ultraviolet” means “beyond violet”, violet being the colour of the highest frequencies of visible light; ultraviolet has a higher frequency than violet light. These ultraviolet rays are invisible to most humans: the lens in a human eye ordinarily filters out UVB frequencies or higher. Humans lack colour receptor adaptations for ultraviolet rays. Under some conditions, children and young adults can see ultraviolet down to wavelengths and people with aphakia (missing lens); or replacement lens can also see some UV wavelengths. Near-UV radiation is visible to insects, some mammals, and birds. Small birds have a fourth colour receptor for ultraviolet rays; this gives birds “true” UV vision.

UV light causes the body to produce vitamin D; which is essential for life. The human body needs some UV radiation in order for one to maintain adequate vitamin D levels. Reasonable exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be a good source of vitamin D. Three benefits of UV exposure are production of vitamin D, improvement in mood, and increased energy.

The EQUINOX 400W UV Cannon Lamp features:

– 400W super high output blacklight
– UV lamp IS included
– Supplied with hanging bracket

YOWCHA! Price with UV Lamp: £115.00
Without UV Lamp: £89.00

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