Citronic Compact Active Line Array Speaker System


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Citronic Compact Active Line Array Speaker System
300W + 300W RMS Power Output

Citronic Compact Active Line Array Speaker System; High quality sound reinforcement system designed for nightclubs, theatres, cinemas and conference halls.

The system comprises of a sub-woofer with integral amplifier and a cluster of 4 x full range speakers that are driven by the amplifier in the sub-woofer enclosure.

The amplifier features a digital sound processor. It can be adjusted via software using the USB or RS-232 port to achieve the optimal performance. You can tweak for maximum performance from the array for each application and venue.

Citronic Compact Active Line Array Speaker System


  • A Powerful Subwoofer with integral amplifier
  • Features 4 full range speakers driven by the amplifier housed in the sub-woofer
  • High output; full range speakers for excellent sound projection and reinforcement
  • Drivers constructed using a unique thin foam surround and coated paper cone to reduce distortion
  • Ribbon tweeters are used in these enclosures. It gives a wide frequency response of up to 40kHz
  • The Array has an adjustable rigging angle for the line array speakers
  • Great software control via USB or RS-232. For management of the frequency response, crossover (high pass and low pass), equalisation, gain and compression limit of the loudspeaker system
  • Minimum computer system requirements; PC running Windows XP or above. Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768. USB or RS-232 connectivity

This low-priced Line Array Active Sound System. It is perfect for schools, pubs, clubs, outside events, theatres and has a maximum SPL of 123 dB so quality is never an issue. When you hear the sound quality and power from this unit you won’t be disappointed. It has a crisp and punchy power output!

Yowcha Sound, Light Disco and PA Centre can price this system fitted into your venue including fixtures and fittings. You should only fit a good sound system once, make sure it is the best! So if you need a good sound system fitted to your venue, give us a call.

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