Bishopsound BD215ADSP Delta Dual 15″ Active Speakers with DSP and Bluetooth,1000 Watts RMS each! Price is per speaker plus delivery


  • Twin 15″ Speakers plus Tweeter (each cab)
  • Built-in Amplifier at 1000 watts RMS each
  • DSP Digital Signal Processor built in
  • V5.0 Bluetooth – one signal supplies 2 cabs in stereo



Bishopsound BD215ADSP Delta Dual 15″ Active Speakers; with DSP and Bluetooth; 1,000 watts RMS

These amazing Bishopsound BD215ADSP Delta Dual 15″ Active Speakers are built and designed by Bishop Sound; a good English design and British sound. You get a real rich sound from these Birch Marine Plywood active speakers!

Each speaker kicks-out a very loud and impressive 1000 watts RMS from their powerful; built-in amplifiers. Plus; with an excellent Digital Signal Processor also built in; AND the latest Bluetooth technology; it makes the Bishop Sound BD215ADSP; the best buy for any venue!

Built to take the rigours of touring; the 18mm 13-ply birch marine plywood; this dual 15″ active 1000 watt; Class D Digital active speaker with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and V5.0 stereo Bluetooth; is simply awesome!

Bishopsound have recessed the grill and doubled its thickness; added 4 coats of high impact; textured jet black PU paint; to withstand the inevitable bumps and knocks whilst on tour.

Point Source dispersion is 120 x 60 degrees;

Point Source is often the preferred method of delivering sound; as line array is not easy to set up. Combine this with any number of Bishopsound; single active 18″ subwoofers; and you have an even better system to blow the listener’s minds! The Bluetooth is built into each speaker and allows 2 speakers to be connected to one device; and in true stereo!

Loaded with Bishop Sound’s BRC175 100w RMS Compression Driver; and a pair of highly respected cast aluminium BDP15 drivers; (rated at 600w RMS); the drivers count for 1300w RMS giving you plenty of headroom to cope with the peaks. This Bishopsound 2-way dual 15″ offers the perfect balance between performance and size. The BD215ADPS truly is an exceptional speaker; it’s versatile and powerful.

Watch out! Unlike Bishopsound; many speaker manufacturers do not quote the RMS speaker value; and simply state Wattage. If it does not say RMS or AES; it could be Program Power (RMSx2) or Peak (RMSx4); double-check with your maker. Yowcha will always quote the true RMS wattage of every speaker we sell.


Customers tell us; this dual 15 inch speaker is louder; and has many more features than the £1,260 JBL PRX825W; EV’s; QSC and even Yamaha.

Bluetooth: One compatible Bluetooth V5.0 device will drive 2 of these speakers in stereo; or simply connect your music source with an XLR cable or 1/4″ jack; then plug the speaker into the mains; and away you go!

We hear from our customers; that they adore Bishopsound’s superb British tone that they are renowned for. You will never be disappointed! Live bands love these speakers as they deliver such a broad range; which is especially important!

If you do have an accident I carry all the spare parts in stock in Ripon North Yorkshire at a fair price. You can see the detailed specification of my drivers in the driver section on my website.

How do we do this price?

On paper; the first reaction is; ‘these can’t be any good’ as they are too cheap! Join the many thousands of others who have taken the leap of faith; and left Bishopsound BD215ADSP a 5-star review on review sites. Simply put; Bishop Sound remove all the unnecessary overheads and supply directly to Yowcha. They outsource almost all the tasks; and all with a less than 1% returns rate; delivering a great sounding; reliable British product at an affordable price. This enables Yowcha to pass those lower prices on to our customers’.

Key Features:

Fully Active dual 15”; two-way bass-reflex speaker – no amplifier needed
139dB peak
Stereo Bluetooth
Full Function DSP Control Via Single Knob Interface
Frequency Range 47Hz – 19kHz
2 Balanced XLR-1/4” combi-jacks
LCD Screen for Easy System Set-Up & Monitoring
Power Rating 2000w Program
4 x Rubber isolation feet
Four Coats of scratch and chip-proof PU paint
Trapezoidal; 18mm 13-ply birch marine plywood wooden enclosure
Coverage 120° x 60° nominal
Ergonomic Handles
Countersunk Extra Thick “ding proof” grille to prevent grill damage when on tour
Acoustic foam behind the grille to prevent moisture and dust ingression
Padded Waterproof covers available
Dimensions; 51 x 52 x 118 cm
Weight; 39kg

Full Specifications;
  • Self-powered dual 15”; two-way bass-reflex speaker
  • 139dB peak
  • Stereo V5 Bluetooth
  • Full Function DSP Control; Via Single Knob Interface
  • Frequency Range; 47Hz to 19kHz
  • 2 Balanced XLR-1/4” combi-jacks
  • LCD Screen; for Easy System Set-Up & Monitoring
  • Power Rating; 2000w Program
  • Trapezoidal; 18mm; 13-ply birch marine plywood; wooden enclosure
  • Coverage; 120° x 60° nominal
  • Countersunk Extra Tick “ding proof” grille; to prevent grill damage when on tour
  • Acoustic foam behind the grille; to prevent moisture and dust ingression


  • Nominal Overall Diameter; 395 mm
  • Nominal Impedance; 8 Ω
  • Nominal Voice Coil Diameter; 75 mm
  • Magnet Weight; 90 OZ
  • Rated Power; 600W RMS 2400w Peak
  • Flux Density; 1.2
  • T Sensitivity@1W/1m; 94 d B
  • Weight; 12 Kg


  • Voice Coil DC Resistance; Re 5.6 Ω
  • Resonance Frequency; Fs 50 Hz
  • Mechanical Q Factor; Qms 13.6
  • Electrical Q Factor; Qes 0.82
  • Total Q Factor; Qts 0.77
  • Mechanical Moving Mass; Mms 109.7 g
  • Mechanical Compliance; Cms 88.5 um/N
  • Force Factor; BL 15.5 Wb/m
  • Equivalent Acoustic Volume; Vas 91.9 It.
  • Maximum Linear Displacement; Xmax ±4.5 mm
  • Reference Efficiency; ηo 1.520 %
  • Diaphragm Area; Sd 85.5 Cm2
  • Losses Electrical Resistance; Res Ω
  • Voice Coil Inductance@ 1K Hz; LE mh


  • Magnet; Ferrite
  • Voice Coil; Winding Copper
  • Voice Coil; Former Kapton
  • Cone; Paper
  • Surround; Treated Cloth
  • Dust Dome; Paper
  • Basket; Diecast Aluminium
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