FPH-100 Hunting Horn


Beautiful hunting horn with Kluppenzug!

  • Natural horn without valves
  • B-mood
  • Kluppenzug
  • Bell Ø: 126 mm
  • with trumpet mouthpiece and bag

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FPH-100 Hunting Horn

Highly attractive appearance and good intonation!

The Pless Horn FPH-100 is a high quality instrument signal from the tradition of hunting horn blowing. As a natural horn without valves is equipped with a Kluppenzug. The simple engraving on the bell underscores the appealing, timeless look of this post-horn. The package includes both a cup mouthpiece and a durable carrying case.

Wrapped leatherette
The hunting-horn is wrapped with synthetic leather, so your hands are less strained in cold temperatures and you can grab the hunting horn better in warmer temperatures. At the same time the wrapping protects the instrument itself against damage, for example by manual welding.

Certificate ReviewProven Quality

To prolong your instrument joy, all instruments of the Classic Cantabile quality
control be tested. This is done in the workshop by a trained Winds instrument maker. We guarantee the perfect condition on a certificate that is supplied with the instrument.

  • Natural horn without valves
  • B-mood
  • Brass
  • Kluppenzug / tuning slide
  • Bell Ø: 126 mm
  • Wrapped leatherette
  • Engraved on the bell
  • with Trumpet Mouthpiece (cupped mouthpiece)
  • with pocket
  • 1 x Classic Cantabile FPH-100 Fürst Pless Horn
  • 1 x Trumpet Mouthpiece
  • 1 x bag

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