Classic Cantabile DP-50 World Cup electric piano white matt


  • 88 weighted hammer action keys and touch response
  • max. 32-note polyphony
  • 14 voices, 13 effects
  • Layer, Split, Twin Piano function
  • Recording Function
  • USB and 2 headphone jacks
  • 3 years warranty

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Classic Cantabile DP-50 World Cup electric piano white matt

Clearly understandable and full of helpful features!

Just piano beginners benefit from the easy-to-use features that provides the DP-50 from Classic Cantabile, but also more experienced musicians who are already practicing acquired knowledge and want to improve their skills further, come with this Digital Piano their money’s worth! With its DP-50 Classic Cantabile brings an electric piano on the market, at no time compromising on quality despite its surprisingly low price.

14 high quality sounds
The DP-50 has a successful selection of high quality sounds, which emphasize the pianist his game differently, create different moods or even can easily experiment. The targeted use of stringed instruments, organ, and other first-class instruments communicating with the DP-50 nothing in the way!

Weighted Hammer keyboard with adjustable velocity and synthetic ivory surface     With its DP-50 Classic Cantabile brings an electric piano on the market, at no time compromising on quality despite its surprisingly low price. In the photo is the DP-50 World Cup white matt ready. Photo © Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH.
The weighted keyboard of the DP-50 with real hammer action simulating the pianist as authentically as possible the experience of playing an acoustic piano. The keys are made ​​of synthetic ivory and are characterized by a certain “natural” resistance when pressing out, as is the case with very classical acoustic pianos.The keyboard is also velocity sensitive, which means that the different tones to sound loud, depending on how easy or hard you press a button. Due to the different setting options (“Touch Response” = Velocity Sensitivity) You are for example able to produce a relatively loud sound, despite a delicate stroke (setting “Soft”). This feature is often particularly useful for the youngest among the piano beginners.

polyphony, the DP-50 can simultaneously play up to 32 sounds. This repertoire of tones allows you to play the majority of pieces from both the classical and the rock and pop area with stereo sound and simultaneous application of different voices.

The functions “Layer” and “Split”
With the function “Layer” (Engl. = Layer position) You have the option of two voices – for example, strings and piano – superimpose, ie to combine. In this way you can easily create a particularly impressive, powerful sound. “Split” on the other hand shares your keyboard into two separate areas. You can specify both of these areas individually, assign different voices and can be heard as, for example, with the left hand with the right strings and piano. Both in “Layer” as well as “split” the volume of the different sounds can be set separately.

The DP-50 as a “Twin-Piano”     Thanks to the twin function you can couple play like on two own pianos. In the photo is the DP-50 World Cup white matt ready. Photo © Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH.
Another feature of the DP-50 is the ability to split the keyboard into two halves so that they act as two small, independent piano keyboards side by side. Unlike “Split” where the keyboard is also divided into two sections and then covered with different voices, the “Twin Piano” creates two separate, stand-alone keyboards with the same scales. One can on these two keyboards then sitting side by side like playing on two small, separate pianos. – A great thing for the interaction, for example, music students and music teachers!

The functions “Tune” and “Transpose”
You want the DP-50 and so swayed together to make music on a different instrument to align? No problem with the “Tune”! Also for the transposition, thus changing the pitch of your piano in semitone steps, the DP-50 is set up.

Metronome and headphone jacks
The integrated in the DP 50 metronome helps to keep the beat and at the right pace during practice. You can adjust the tempo at will and also adjust the metronome volume to your preference. The DP-50 also features two headphone jacks. This ensures that you can practice and play at any time, without disturbing neighbors, for example. The second headphone jack can be used by another great “silent listener” your piano performance.

The pedals “soft”, “Sostenuto” and “damper”
As with a grand piano are available also at the Digital Piano DP-50 three pedals are available, with which you can influence the sound of the pieces that you play. The soft pedal is on the left and will, as well as the sostenuto pedal in the middle, with his left foot played. The damper pedal on the right side is used most commonly. It can finish all sounds, while the middle sostenuto pedal just sounds already played it sound longer. The links are arranged soft pedal reduces the volume of played notes, causing a softer sound.

2-track recording and playback
with recording function, you can record your own performances and play. The capacity is up to about 9,000 notes per track. This feature is perfect in order to assess the own progress of piano playing. Because the DP-50 has a USB port, you can also connect to your PC and thus use it as a MIDI keyboard.

USB audio / MIDI interface
through the built-in USB audio / MIDI interface is possible to connect the DP-50 electric piano directly to your computer or midi sampler. This means that the piano be used in all standard sequencer programs as a master keyboard. In addition, over the stereo-in jack on the back of external devices such as an MP3 player can be connected and played directly through the speakers of the DP-50th These pieces can then be simultaneously accompanied on the piano. The repertoire of beautiful and appropriate pieces for practicing and playing along with it is limitless. The DP-50 will therefore students never get bored! In addition, the sound of the piano can be recorded directly on the computer.

Auto Power Off
You have the option to adjust the piano so that it automatically turns off if it has not been operated for 30 minutes, but that will certainly not occur often, because …

… With this digital piano is pure joy of playing pre-programmed!

  • 88 keys with hammer action
  • Surface synthetic ivory
  • 7 1/4 octaves
  • weighted keyboard with Touch Response (Velocity and Velocity Sensitivity): Off, Soft, Normal, Hard
  • max. 32-note polyphony
  • 14 voices (Grand Piano, Organ, Strings, Bass, etc.)
  • 1 Drum Kit
  • 1 Sound Effect Set
  • Metronome (20-280 bpm)
  • Layer function
  • Split function
  • Twin-Piano function
  • Tune function
  • Transpose function
  • MIDI Local to separate keyboard and sound production
  • 3 pedals (soft, sostenuto, damper)
  • 13 effects (chorus, delay, etc.)
  • 8 reverb types (Room, Hall and others)
  • LED display
  • 50 demo songs as support for learning and practicing
  • Recording function for up to 18,000 notes on two tracks (each track approximately 9,000 notes)
  • Connections / Interfaces: USB Audio / MIDI interface, pedal, Stereo Line in / out, 2 headphone jacks
  • Speaker: 6.5 “x 2 (stereo 15 W 15 W)
  • Auto Power Off
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 cm x 137 cm x 44 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg (incl. Packaging)
  • Color: white matt
  • 1 x Classic Cantabile DP-50 World Cup E-Piano matt white
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Operating and assembly instructions
Set including accessoriesNo
Little ButtonsNo
Wooden keyboardNo
Integrated speakersYes
Number pedals3
Keyboard CoverYes
Auto AccompanimentNo
Headphone jackYes
MIDI connectorNo
Number Styles0
Number of Voices14
Recording FunctionYes
Surface (glossy / matte)Satin
Lesson featureNo
max polyphony32
Buttons Qty88
Amplifier Wattage (RMS)15

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