Classic Cantabile DP-30 digital piano dark rosewood


  • Weighted HA-88-S100 keyboard with 88 velocity sensitive keys
  • 11 sounds with WMA Stereo Sampling
  • Connections: 2x Headphones, Stereo Line In / Out, USB to Host
  • Colour: rosewood
  • including keyboard cover
  • 3 years warranty
  • 3 years warranty

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Classic Cantabile DP-30 digital piano dark rosewood

The Digital Piano DP-30 with its convincing sonority and easy operation, an ideal entry-level model for the price conscious who want to never compromise on quality.Compared to acoustic pianos digital pianos offer several advantages that make them attractive for many pianists. So have digital pianos lightweight (the DP-30 weighs about 44 kg) and are much less sensitive to external influences such as temperature fluctuations (the DP-30, incidentally, has a cover that it reliably against dust protection). The electric piano from Classic Cantabile has a great, authentic sounds, provides a realistic gaming experience and ensures from the outset for a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Authentic piano feel
digital pianos as the DP-30 are now in a position to imitate acoustic pianos very good in terms of the sound and the feel. While the acoustic piano sound is produced mechanically, digital pianos have so-called sampling to every possible sound. When playing of each key of the digital piano, these files are accessed. The DP-30 has a weighted HA-S100 88-keyboard with 88 keys.To give an authentic feel, the keyboard of the DP-30 is equipped with a touch response. These are the piano players feel when he operator the keys of a piano with traditional mechanics. Depending on how strong the key is pressed – therefore played – is also very much evident from the intensity of the corresponding sound. In this way, learns to play the piano an individual dynamics. Voices and Polyphony The eleven WMA Voices of Classic Cantabile Digital Pianos allow the player to assign his melodies certain Klanggebungen. A melody can sound this way, as they will Performed by a wing, a church organ, a trumpet or other instruments. It is even possible to combine voices together (Dual Mode). The DP-30 with its 64-polyphony of course a rounder of polyphonic game:. With the digital piano Classic Cantabile can be generated at the same time 64 tones Metronome and headphone jack help The integrated in the DP-30 metronome while practicing the stroke and the keep right pace. You can adjust the tempo at will in the range between 30 and 280th The figures indicating the uniform beats of the metronome per minute.The DP-30 also has a headphone jack. This ensures that at any time can be practiced and played without disturbing example neighbors. Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto With the three pedals of the Classic Cantabile DP-30 – “Sustain”, “soft”, “Sostenuto” – can be targeted to the sound of the pieces that are played on the piano, be affected. They correspond to the classic pedals of the acoustic piano. The right sustain pedal can finish all sounds, while the middle sostenuto pedal just sounds already played it sound longer. The links are arranged soft pedal reduces the volume of played notes, causing a softer sound. Simple, easy-to-use entry-level instrument, but to convince not only the technical features of the DP-30. The compact digital piano is characterized by its simple appearance, airy design and the deliberate avoidance of flashy controls. The Classic Cantabile DP-30 really has everything a beginner needs on digital piano – with a first-class price-performance ratio!

  • Weighted HA-88-S100 keyboard with 88 velocity sensitive keys
  • 11 WMA Voices
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 1 internal Demo Song
  • Dual Mode / Split Mode
  • Metronome (Tempo range 30-280)
  • Digital Sound Effects
  • adjustable velocity
  • 2 x 20W speakers
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 137cm x 44cm x 83cm
  • Weight: 44kg
  • 1x Classic Cantabile DP-30 Rosewood
Lesson featureNo
max polyphony64
Buttons Qty88
Recording FunctionNo
Number of Voices11
Surface (glossy / matte)Satin
MIDI connectorNo
Number pedals3
Headphone jackYes
Keyboard CoverYes
Set including accessoriesNo
Wooden keyboardNo
Integrated speakersYes
Number Styles0
Little ButtonsYes
Auto AccompanimentNo

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