Chord Primero Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Solid Spruce top, built-in active EQ, built-in Guitar Tuner, makes a great Christmas present!



  • 4-band EQ with built in tuner
  • Solid spruce top
  • All woods from sustainable sources


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Chord Primero Electro-Acoustic Guitar;

The Chord Primero Electro-Acoustic Guitar has a quality made; solid spruce top. This great electro-acoustic guitar is fitted with an active EQ; and a built in tuner. These are traditionally crafted with sapele laminate back & sides; and an okoume neck; with a kabukalli fingerboard. Minimalist styling with a satin finish provides an affordable; yet highly playable instrument.

What is the difference between an ‘acoustic’ and ‘electro-acoustic’ guitar; and which one do I need?

I’ll try to explain the difference between the two – Which suits you best; only you can answer!

Acoustic Guitars;

Conventional (non-electric) acoustic guitars; produce sound when the ‘resonation’ produced by a string being plucked reverberates in the ‘sound box’; (the hollow bit inside your guitar). This in turn; reverbs through the wooden body of the guitar itself. The advantage of this; is that acoustic guitars produce a very natural; resonant sound. However; the disadvantage is; that producing sound in this way has its limits when it comes to volume. Thus; this is where the electro-acoustic guitar comes in!

Electro Acoustic Guitars;

Electro-acoustic guitars are fitted with an on-board ‘pickup’. A pickup; is a device which takes the signals from the vibrations of your guitar’s strings; and sends them to an amplifier with the use of a cable. This in turn; converts these signals into an audible sound. Because the sound goes to the amplifier from the guitar; it can be modified in several ways. Most importantly; in terms of volume. But; you also have the option of altering your sound by adding ‘effects’; such as distortion; delay; or reverb. These adjustments can all be made with the amplifier.

Thus; for versatility in sound; the electro acoustic guitar gives you the best in volume; as well as those special effects!

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