AV:LINK Mono and Stereo Headphones with Volume Control. Full Sized Hi-Fi Headphones. Lightweight and Great Sound Quality! Yowcha!


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AV:LINK Mono and Stereo Headphones with Volume Control

These AV:LINK Mono and Stereo Headphones with Volume Control are full sized hi-fi headphones; featuring a mono/stereo switch; independent left and right volume controls; adjustable padded headband and cushioned circumaural earpads. The great sound quality and robust construction make them very popular for use in the education sector.

Circumaural headphones;

They have adjustable circumaural earpads; Circumaural headphones; (also called full size headphones); are headphones that completely surround the ears. These earpads; made up of high-density foam; serving as sound-absorbing material to block out external sound; thus making the sound difficult to penetrate through the earcup foam and reach the user’s ears. They also have independent left and right volume controls and are switchable between mono and stereo. The headphones have a single-side coiled lead.

Mylar Speakers with Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets;

Fitted with Mylar speakers and anisotropic ferrite magnets; Mylar Cone Speakers are a range of weatherproof mylar cone loudspeakers using ferrite magnets. These Ferrite magnets are specifically designed for outdoor use; as the mylar cones are impervious to water or moisture. Their wide frequency response makes them suitable for many applications; including alarm sounders and audio headphones. Anisotropic ferrite magnets are the most cost efficient magnets and do not rust. They are used in many industrial products such as speakers.

Supplied with 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo jack adaptor

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