Reloop RP 4000 MK2 DJ Turntable. Special Bundle Price for Pair! Instant Start, Stop Motor for a DJ Lifestyle playing your Vinyl of the day!


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Reloop RP 4000 MK2 DJ Turntable; Direct Drive; with instant Start and Stop!

Please note, these Turntables are sold WITHOUT lids and Headshells and cartridges.

Reloop RP 4000 MK2 DJ Turntable; is a solid DJ turntable for new and advanced users. The new MK2 version comes with several improvements; including a newly developed top panel and reworked metallic buttons; with enhanced feel; as well as a variety of functions.

The precision-engineered die-cast platter is accelerated by a powerful motor; with a high-torque direct drive of more than 1.8 kg / cm. The precise motor control; with 3 speeds of (33 1 / 3, 45 & 78 rpm); allows for the RP-4000 MK2 to play back any record. The pitch section with a selectable range of + / -8% and + / -16%, respectively, is suitable for the finest pitch adjustments.

The RP-4000 MK2; features a statically balanced s-shaped tone arm; with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism. Via the universal connection for pick-up systems (SME); a large range of pick-up systems can be connected.

The new deep black metallic top panel construction is equipped with metallic buttons for start / stop; platter speed; pitch control; reverse function and tempo reset. The improved ‘touch upon hit’; offers a clear haptic feedback. The sturdy construction; with optimised damping features and shock-absorbing feet; improve isolation from unwanted vibrations.


  • A newly developed top panel and reinforced housing construction
  • The MK2 version has reworked metallic buttons; with improved feel & tactile response
  • It also has precision Pitch; with selectable ranges of +/-8 %
  • The MK2’s superior finish; is in a deep black metallic
  • Quartz-driven DJ turntable with direct drive
  • The RP-4000 is perfect for beginners; and advanced users
  • The precise motor control has 3 speeds selectable; (33 1/3; & 45 rpm; and 78 rpm)
  • It has been precision-engineered; with a die-cast aluminium platter; producing a stable rotation
  • Statically balanced s-shaped tone arm; with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism
  • Universal connection for pick-up systems (SME)
  • Extendable needle illumination
  • Shock-absorbing feet for vibration isolation
  • Sturdy; heavy construction with optimised damping features
  • Prepared for a dust cover; (available as optional accessory)
  • Including slipmat; removable headshell; and ready-mounted OM Black pick-up made by Ortofon


Type; direct drive turntable
Drive; quarz-driven direct drive
Motor; 8-pol., 2-phase; brushless DC motor
Turntable speeds; 3 speeds, manual (33 1/3; 45 RPM; 78 rpm)
Starting torque; Greater than 1kg/cm
Brake time; Less than 1 sec.
Start-up / rpm change; less than 1 sec.
Wow and flutter; less than 0.15% WRMS
Signal-to-noise ratio; > 50 dB (DIN-B)
Brake system; electronic brake

Material; aluminium die-cast
Diameter; 332 mm

Tone Arm;
Type; universal, statically balanced, s-shaped
Effective length; 230.5 mm
Overhang; 16 mm
Tracking angle error; less than 3°
Applicable pick-up weight; 3.5 – 8.5 g (incl. headshell 13 – 18 g)
Anti-skating range; 0 – 7 g

1 x PHONO out (gold-plated); 1 x Ground wire

General Specifications;
Power supply; AC 115/230 V, 60/50 Hz (US/EU)
Power consumption; 13 W
Dimensions; 450 (w) x 352 (d) x 144 (h) mm
Weight: approximate; 6.75 kg

Accessories (included);
Platter; OM Black pick-up system (by Ortofon); headshell; slipmat; counterweight; power cord; operating instruction manual

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