Acebeam K40S Flashlight Torch 1500 lumens Searchlight



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Acebeam K40S Flashlight Torch 1500 lumens Searchlight

The Acebeam K40S Flashlight Torch 1500 lumens Searchlight is ideal for Search and Rescue; Military; Police Force and Security Officers; Camping; Fishing; Caving; also, walking the dog and so much more! It has a longer throw beam (over 1 kilometre) than its sister torch the K40M; which is more of a flood light over shorter, but wider distances.

WARNING: Please be aware that if you buy this product from China or other countries outside the EU; you will have extra customs and Tax charges to pay when they deliver to your door! Don’t be fooled by lower, international prices!

Buy from Yowcha; EVERYTHING is included; NO extra Custom Import Charges; NO Extra Tax and no extra VAT Charges! We’ve paid it all for you!


Acebeam K40S Flashlight Torch

Acebeam K40S Flashlight Torch


Max Output: 1500 lumens
Throw distance: 1030M (Over 1km)
Size (mm):186 (length) 76.2 (head dia) 49 cm (tube dia)
Battery type:3 x 18650 Batteries (NOT INCLUDED– Option to add batteries on above the ‘Add to Basket’ button)

Please, only use the high capacity batteries which are at least 2600mAh and make sure the 3 batteries used come from the same brand, same voltage, and same capacity before fitting into the battery carrier. We only advise using specifically designed Acebeam 18650 batteries that are protected with 4 x mosfet transistors built-in, and are high-drain. See more information about Acebeam batteries here: Acebeam IMR 18650 3100mAh Rechargeable Batteries 20A 3.6V

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