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Acebeam 10440 Rechargeable Batteries. 320mAh; 3.7V; Unprotected High-Drain Lithium ion (Li-ion) Button-Top Batteries!

Acebeam 10440 Lithium ion Rechargeable Batteries. Acebeams amazing 320mAh; 3.7V Unprotected Li-ion Battery; with High-Drain Lithium Ion Power! Equivalent size is the AAA battery; but with immensely more power! Used in the Acebeam UC15 1000 lumens Keychain Torch.

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So; the next time you need a new battery for one of your favourite EDC or small LED flashlights; look no further than the Acebeam 10440 Li-ion Battery. This unique sized battery is commonly found in high powered smaller LED flashlights; and even some high-performance electronics.

The 320mAh capacity will keep your high-drain flashlights or devices running smoothly; with a consistent 3.7 volts of power. Rechargeable up to 300 times; you are not only helping the environment by reusing a drained cell; but you are also getting your money’s worth! The lithium chemistry allows for a stable power supply; and it can be stored for up to three years! Perfect to stock up on; and save for when you need them the most.

The Acebeam 10440 battery features;

It has a unique battery size. It’s stable; long-lasting Li-ion power. Also; rechargeable up to 300 times with a 3 Years shelf life! And; especially for use in high-drain flashlights and devices. It also has a 320mAh rating; for extended use.


  • The Battery Size is; 10440
  • Battery Chemistry; Li-ion
  • Nominal Voltage; 3.7V
  • Nominal Capacity; 320mAh
  • Estimated Charge Cycles; 300 cycles
  • Shelf Life; 3 Years
  • Battery dimensions;
    Length; 1.8″ (45.7mm)
    Diameter; 0.4″ (10.2mm)
    Weight; 0.3oz. (9g)

Lithium ion safety warning;

Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are potentially hazardous and can present a serious FIRE HAZARD if damaged; defective; or improperly used. Larger Lithium batteries, and those used for industrial use involving high discharge current and frequent full discharge cycles; require special precautions.


Lithium is really great at storing energy. When it’s released as a trickle; it powers your phone (for example) all day. When it’s released all in one go; the battery can explode. That is why the batteries used in our powerful flashlights need to be High Drain; which gives them the capacity to stay safe and helps to stop this ‘explosion’. They also preferably; need have an in-built protection PCB; which gives the battery even more defense against fires and explosions.


IF THE BATTERY HAS BEEN FULLY DISCHARGED AND IS NOT RECHARGED SHORTLY AFTERWARD; this potential is aggravated if batteries are damaged; contain an undetected factory defect; are used or stored at temperature extremes; or are approaching the end of their useful life. (See useful life) Ideally; batteries should be recharged within 24 hours of a full discharge.

IF CHARGING IS ATTEMPTED AT TEMPERATURES BELOW 40°F (4°C); it can cause a chemical reaction in the battery cells that can cause permanent damage; and the possibility of fire or explosion during charging.

IF THE BATTERY HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO LIQUIDS, ESPECIALLY SALTWATER. Exposure to liquids can cause internal corrosion or damage to the cells; or to the Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS protects the battery from overcharging; high self- discharge or imbalanced charging of the cells; any of which can present the possibility of fire during recharging.


Always use a charger designated for Li-ion batteries;

Using the wrong type of charger: Lithium Ion battery chargers provide a specific charging voltage; and microprocessor current and voltage control. They are fundamentally different than chargers for SLA, NiCd, NiMH, or other rechargeable batteries!

Chargers used for LiNiMnCoO2 (NMC) batteries (VML) and LiFePO4 batteries (VLX) are not interchangeable; and require different charging voltages!

Batteries may be stored at 100% charge if used frequently. However; for maximum life; batteries infrequently used should be stored at 40% to 70% charge.

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