About Yowcha Sound, Light, Disco and PA Equipment

About Yowcha Sound, Light, Disco and PA Equipment – Having many years of experience in the music, voiceover and jingle industry, as well as many years involving the sales of musical equipment, DJ equipment, sound and lighting and PA equipment, Andy Burton now opens a new store and website!

Yowcha! was founded by Andy Burton, former owner of Horizon Radio Nottingham, Sound Studio UK Recording Studios, Audio Exchange retail store and Radio Nova Spain 106.7FM.

Andy’s other retail store; Pro-Sound, Lighting, Disco and PA Centre in Los Montesinos Spain was run by him for many years and was a very successful venture. Andy has very recently given franchise to his Spanish venture and retail store to Spanish agents in Spain and again, this is doing very well! In the 1980’s Andy also owned ‘Audio Exchange‘; a very successful Hi-Fi retail store for more than 15 years. All About Yowcha Sound, Light, Disco and PA Equipment!

About Yowcha Sound, Light, Disco and PA Equipment

Picture: Andy’s Store; Pro-Sound Lighting Disco and PA Centre – Spain

The future is Yowcha!

Now, with Pro-Sound, Lighting, Disco and PA Centre and agents set up and expanding his business in Spain, Andy brings you a great new retail and online store based in the UK (pictures coming soon) and available for everyone to grab some great bargains with excellent European shipping! Yowcha! Pro-Sound, Lighting, Disco and PA Centre; 19 Freeman Street, Grimsby DN32 7AB believes in providing only the best 1st-class customer service. Yowcha really does put this in the forefront of their business structure. It’s a personal hands-on service that Andy provides so you never have to worry about a thing!

About Yowcha

Yowcha Shop Premises, 19 Freeman St, Grimsby

Yowcha gives you top products!

Our product list is huge bringing you the best items from the leading manufacturers at the lowest possible prices. Studio equipment, microphones, radio mics, PA systems, DJ equipment, disco lighting such as; strobes, starburst LED lights, LED remotes LED flame machines, CD MP3 Players, DJ Controllers and much more!

Speakers, Monitor Speakers, Powered Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Mixing desks, Powered Mixers, Digital Recorders, Musical Instruments, Guitars, Synthesisers, Keyboards, Midi Software, Party Lighting FX, DMX Software, Plugs, Cables, Leads and Connectors, Stands, Carts, Stylus’, Flight Cases and Kit Bags… Everything for Pubs, Clubs, DJ’s, Bands & Entertainers.

Flashlights and Torches;

NOW! Yowcha has introduced a range of top-quality Flashlights from top suppliers. Top Brands… Quality Flashlights; searchlights; floodlights; torches; LED lights! Along with all the accessories; such as batteries, smart chargers, spare parts etc. Flashlights and Torches 

PA Installations;

Whether you own a Pub, Club or other Venue, we can give you quotes on equipment and installations across the UK AND Spain using our specialised qualified staff in both countries. Please ask for availability details. We can take a look at your venue and find out exactly what your requirements are. Then we can give you a great price for the equipment you need for self-installation. Or, we can give you a full quote for providing the sound and light equipment and also fitting the equipment into your Pub, Club or Venue.

You are all welcome to browse the contents of our new website and keep looking for more items added on a daily basis! Have fun, and look out for our new retail warehouse store facility coming soon and open to the public! Want to know more About Yowcha! Pro-Sound, Lighting, Disco and PA Centre? Contact Yowcha here.

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About Yowcha Sound, Light, Disco and PA Equipment – If there is something you need that you cannot find on our website, please contact us, we might be able to source the item at a good price!