BishopSound BD121S 21 Inch Passive Sub Speakers 4000W



  • 2000 watts RMS per cab
  • 4000 watts Peak per cab
  • 21 inch Loaded Cab


BishopSound BD121S 21 Inch Passive Sub Speakers

These BishopSound BD121S 21 Inch Passive Sub Speakers are made from birch plywood and are 21″ cabinets finished in Heavy Duty black splatter paint. They will withstand all the knocks and scrapes gathered through touring! This pair of Delta 21″ Plywood Sub woofer provide a stunning sub bass!

The neodymium 21″ driver is very efficient and takes modest amplification to drive it. Our customers are delighted with the performance of these Sub-Bass Speakers and report that they exceed all the limits delivering 2,000 watts RMS of substantial bass thump PER CABINET!


You can buy a single Sub speaker at our normal; at a very competitive price. OR why not buy a pair at our special PACKAGE PRICE of just £899.00 giving you a 10% discount on the pair? If you are presently using an 18″ speaker, you will notice a huge difference by upgrading to 21″ speakers.

Specifications Per Cab:

  • RMS Power: 2,000 watts (Continuous)
  • Peak Power: 4,000 watts
  • Connectors: Inputs 2 x Speakon
  • Weight: 50kg

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